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Roger Young

Roger started to paint as an adolescent using gouache to paint birds in high detail and exhibited widely throughout Cheshire including two successful solo exhibitions where almost every painting sold.

In 2009 Roger made a conscious decision to change his subject and medium.  He began painting in oils on canvas, something completely new to him.  He loved it so much he decided to concentrate almost exclusively on this medium.   Virtually all of his paintings are now in oil and although the subjects vary from still lifes to animals and landscapes there is one recurring theme throughout his work and that is attention to detail.  Roger sees beauty in small things, even on everyday objects, which are so often overlooked.  A reflection bouncing off a wine glass or the surface markings on a piece of fruit can be amazing when viewed in detail.  He wants the viewer to stop and examine his paintings and discover beautiful details never before appreciated.  His aim is to reveal to the viewer how beauty can be found in mundane everyday objects if only looked for and ‘seen’.  Beauty is all around us if only we take the time to stop and look.  Although Roger likes his paintings to be realistic they are not photographic.  On closer examination it can be seen how the paint has been manipulated on the canvas to achieve the desired effect.

Roger respects the old techniques used by artists over the centuries, especially the Dutch methods and although painting along similar lines he does not slavishly follow them.  He makes full use of contemporary materials combined with compositions more modern in appearance.  In a world seemingly obsessed with gestural imagery Roger is not afraid to stand his ground and continue to paint in a way that some in the ‘art establishment’ deem old fashioned, confident that many people share his vision.

Roger now paints full time from his studio in Flintshire.

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