North Wales Society of Fine Arts

Phil Jackson

At four years old my great grandfather sat me on his knee and encouraged me to draw. However I did’nt really take art seriously until I was 12 years old, just after the death of my father in 1966.

I studied Art at South Cheshire College, Crewe. I later attended Halton College of Art and Design at Widnes, Cheshire. I was there for two very succesful years and I gained a National Diploma in Art and Design with Distinctions. Immediately after this I was awarded a degree course at John Moores University Liverpool.

Unfortunately I had to decline due to extreme family pressures. However I felt that the studies I had done over the previous years would be enough to take my work to another level. I also joined a ‘Life Drawing Class’. Which I attended for twenty years. Two years ago I was fortunate enough to be made a member of ‘The Wirral Society of Arts.

Both painting and drawing have been extremely important to me. It’s a great therapy and it also concentrates my mind. Just as well as our son died of a brain disease in 2003 and today my wife and I care for our daughter, who suffers from the same disease. Our eldest daughter is in good health and she has two lovely children.

In 2005 I was fortunate enough to be made a member of ‘The Wirral Society of Arts. In August this year, I was elected to ‘The North Wales Society of Fine Art’.


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