North Wales Society of Fine Arts

Paula Salmons

Shapes, colours and light in landscape are the key elements of my paintings. Through rich colour and texture, I try to reflect the beauty and moods of seascapes and landscapes, focusing on the qualities of natural light and space.

I love painting seascapes with crashing waves and any landscape with water in it. I work  mostly in oils, using traditional techniques. When I am unable to paint outdoors I enjoy painting still life subjects. I sketch and paint at the location and take some photographs.  The work is finished in the studio, but I often return to the site again while the painting is in progress to work on details, light effects and so on. My still life images explore how reflected light links objects of different colour and surface texture.

I am a member of the North Wales Society of Fine Art and I also exhibit regularly with local groups in the North Wales area. My paintings can also be seen at galleries on the west coast of Ireland, the location of many of my paintings. I have contributed to various open exhibitions in the North Wales area.  I live and work in North Wales. Website: